Author: Gabriel Persechino-Forest     Published: December 28th, 2019

TV Standards Have Changed

Goro Taniguchi, director of Code Geass, revealed on Hangout Plus that the industry has shifted away from “depressing series” and that “He wouldn’t be allowed to make something like Code Geass nowadays”.

Source: Hangout Plus (Article Image as well)


Police Called in for… Cosplay!

Police were called at Aptos Beach to deal with a cosplayer with a fake gun. No this isn’t a joke its where were at right now. The police then stated that guns should not be carried around, even when plastic and toys.

Source: Kron4 News


Man Arrested for Selling Modified Pokémon Games

A man from Niigata was arrested for buying then modifying and reselling Pokémon games. Modifying part aside, this isn’t at all what anyone with used games does all the time on Ebay or Amazon right? You can thank the revised and ironically named Unfair Competition Prevention Act for that. Also, the store where the man bought the materials to modify the games is being investigated, yes, you read that right, for assisting in the “crime”.

Source: Otakomu


Chinese Pirates Boycott Hong Kong Supporters

In the realm of the truly bizarre, Chinese piracy groups decided to Boycott Hong Kong supporters, specifically, Japanese creators who supported the protests.

Source: On Takahashi