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Luna Sakura Nyusurida

I’ll tell you the news, unworthy as you are, but only because I have to!

Meet our mascot, the gloomy, arrogant and rather disinterested Luna Sakura Nyusurida… Quite frankly, we’re all lucky she even shows up for work.

Age: 16

Height: 5’1

Born: A dark corner of the otaku section of the internet.

Likes: Slow news days, Sakura flowers, the feeling of having utterly humiliated a rival, lolita fashion and Victorian England-set anime series. She does have a soft spot for sweets.

Dislikes: Working, controversies, trivia, crowds, being a mascot and most people. She also dislikes tea, but never tells anyone.



Our mascot was brought into existence thanks to the efforts of otaku wizard and illustrator Jagapong (Also known as ApricotZ or Apricot2000).

You can find him on his Deviant Art account, where he takes commissions.

Contributing Artists Include:

-Cheapmonks-Inc     (Who can be found at his Twitter Account)



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