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This section is dedicated to reviews of all things within the Japanese entertainment industry (Anime, manga, novels, video games…). At Sakura Anime News, we aim to make our reviews spoiler free, within the measure of the reasonable, and to offer objective reviews that help the viewer figure out for themselves, through information and analysis, whether the work is for them rather than telling them outright. Also, because quality is an element of any work of art, our reviews will include a section where the quality of the work is reviewed. For those who are not interested in our opinion of the series or have no use for such an analysis, then, since our reviews are separated by sections, you can simply skip it and read the rest of the review.


The Different Review Sections

Anime Reviews

Manga Reviews

Novel Reviews

(To be expanded soon)


Rating System

(Applies to Quality section of reviews)

0: Absolute garbage. It is doubtful many, if any, series will justify that rating.

1 – 3: Varying degrees of horrible.

4 – 5: Truly bad series.

6: Mediocre but with redeeming value.

7: Good but with a lot of weaknesses.

8 – 9: Rating reserved for series that range from truly good to excellent. Includes some of the highest quality works.

10 – 11: Masterpieces and works that truly excel in all aspects of artistic excellence.

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