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Ethics Guidelines

The Ethics Guidelines are the standards by which all content published and made available on Sakura Anime News is subjected.


All sources for the information or images provided within an article will be clearly disclosed under “Sources” except in cases where the source is a personal opinion of the article’s author or a commonly known and/or easily verifiable fact.

Anonymous sources will be used when their identity and the authenticity of the information can be verified and the originator of said information wishes to remain anonymous. Any anonymous sources will clearly marked as such.


In cases where individuals writing an article have close personal ties to the subject at hand and/or potential conflict of interest, disclosure will be added indicating as such.

Individuals / Entities Mentioned in Articles

In the case of any article that specifically mentions a person, company or other entity, the individuals or entities mentioned will have the right to respond to any content that concerns them. To do so, contact us with a public statement and it will be added either to the current article, or a future article talking about the same topic.

Mistakes / Corrections

Any non-factual information or misleading articles posted by accident will be corrected along with a disclosure indicating the mistake, the reason it was committed (if any) and the steps that have been taken to correct the incident.

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