Author: Gabriel Persechino-Forest     Published: December 28th, 2019

Toonami Censors Food Wars!

Food Wars! was censored during its airing on Toonami and the staff answered that nudity is censored whenever it is “sexualized”.

Source: John Paul (Mendinso) and Article Image: Food Wars! series


My Hero Academia Censored in Philippines

Momo’s cleavage was censored from any showings of the series in the Philippines. Oh, and they were very subtle about it too:

Momo's Censored Cleavage



Sword Art Online Game Hit with Censorship

Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris was confirmed, by producer Yosuke Futami, to have censored the sexual assault scene from the anime’s 10th episode.

Source: Anime News Network


Smoking Now Verboten in Anime

Fruits Basket creator Natsuki Takaya explained that the new adaptation of her series saw the cigarettes disappear largely because of new regulations. It seems nicotine adds itself to the ever growing list of things we’re not allowed to see on TV anymore.

Source: Natsuki Takaya


Azur Lane Halloween Controversy

An Halloween contest for the game organized by the English staff was won by Piukute062 with his art being featured as part of the Halloween event loading screen. But then the art was suddenly removed and when questioned, the staff claimed that it was “inconvenient” for public viewing.

Then there was a weird conspiracy theory that gained momentum on Reddit claiming that the art was removed because Piukute062 cheated to get more votes but no evidence was ever presented. Some suspect this was a cover for the real reason the censorship took place: Puritanism.

This incident sets a precedent and everyone should be on the lookout for future “issues” concerning censorship in Azur Lane going forward.

Source: One Angry Gamer (Link 1 and Link 2)