Author: Gabriel Persechino-Forest     Published: December 28th, 2019

Home Video and Streaming Statistics

In 2017, the home video market in Japan saw a 2.9% decrease from the previous year for a fourth consecutive year of decrease. Meanwhile, streaming grew 13% from the previous year.

Also, production cost for animation studios are on the rise in addition to which there was a 4.5% decrease from the previous year in the number of anime series produced (356 series to 340). Another report indicates that as many as 30% of anime studios were in the red in 2018 with 23.2% of studios seeing decreases in their revenue. In addition to Western super-corporations attempting to buy themselves into the market and waging unfair competition on smaller studios, it could indicate hard times for the industry ahead.

Source: Animation Business Journal (Article Image as well) and Teikoku Databank


Bandai and Shueisha Establish Chinese Company

Bandai Namco Holdings and Shueisha announced that they are establishing a joint Shangai-based company (Where Bandai will have 51% stake in the company) that will focus on merchandising and goods for manga properties.

Source: Mantan Web


Koei Tecmo Loses Lawsuit

The Intellectual Property High Court of Tokyo ruled for Capcom in its lawsuit against Koei Tecmo, forcing Koei to pay US$2.67 million for infringement, damages and legal fees.

Source: Capcom


Studio WIT Likely Longer Affiliated with Attack on Titan

WIT studio will not be adapting any potential Season 4 of Attack on Titan, or at least that is what credible sources are indicating at this point. It has yet to be officially confirmed but it is likely to be the case and there is no indication as to whom could handle the series going forward.

Source: Sakuga Blog


Kyoto Animation Almost Back to Normal

Hideaki Hatta (President of Kyoto Animation) reported that 27 of the 33 victims have returned to work.

Source: Kyoto Shimbun