Author: Gabriel Persechino-Forest     Published: July 17th, 2019

Over the last several months up to a year, there has been unusual activity surrounding certain releases. Ever since Funimation was taken over by Sony, there has been no sign of a new One Piece Collection release (Collection 23 being the last one) and no indication of when the next one might come out. Similarly, in spite of the new Fairy Tail series being well into its release, no new Funimation home video releases have appeared and none have been announced in quite some time. There is no telling when these series will be released or if they will be at all at this point; or perhaps they even envision a different release scheme now that they are under Sony? Interestingly enough, Black Clover and Dragon Ball Super are continuing with regular releases uninterrupted.

A similar situation developed at VIZ Media whereas after some decent momentum and 4 BD volumes released, the Bleach BD re-release appears to have all but stopped. There is no way to know if the next volume is simply taking longer than expected, or the reason why for that matter, or if they have abandoned this release altogether (It wouldn’t be the first VIZ release to be abandoned without warning although it would be a first for a series of this popularity level). So as it stands there are some pretty major shonen powerhouse whose faith on the home video market appears uncertain for now.


In any event, you can check out the new monthly home video releases for North America, the UK, Australia and France here.


Source: Article Image: Funimation