Author: Gabriel Persechino-Forest     Published: September 4th, 2019

Shield Hero Renewed for 2 More Seasons

It seems that this new isekai really made an impression on fans as it was just renewed for 2 additional seasons. Of course it’s difficult to know if this means 2 full seasons like the first one (25ish episodes) or 2 seasons of 1 cour (12ish episodes), either way, it is still quite rare for a series in Japan to announce 2 seasons at once unless a series is really popular.

Source: Crunchyroll (Article image as well)


Problems with Nanatsu no Taizai Season 3

It seems the 3rd season of the hit shonen is in a bit of trouble: Aniplex bailed out of the production (Supposedly because the movie under-performed) so Studio Deen is animating the series now. Except, they have apparently outsourced the job to March Jack studio. For now, the series is still on track however it is facing various technical difficulties which hopefully will not impact overall quality when the series comes out.

Source: Yonkou Productions


SNAFU’s 3rd Season Confirmed

My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU has recently announced a third season is on the way for 2020 and will be handled by Studio feel.

Source: Anime Expo 2019 TBS Panel


Maesetsu! Anime Announced

The project is an original anime from Kadokawa with Shota Goto as scriptwriter and Kagami Yoshimizu drawing the associated 4-panel manga as well as the visual above. The plot centers on 4 girls attempting to make their dreams come true while at the height of their youth.

Source: Comic Natalie


New Phantasy Star Anime

Phantasy Star Online 2: Episode Oracle, an adaptation of the Phantasy Star Online 2 game, will premiere in October of this year on Tokyo MX and BS11 and will last a full 25 episodes. It will feature stories 1 – 3 of the original game as well as an original story. The anime will be directed by Masaki Tachibana with Hiroshi Ohnogi handling series composition and writing scripts alongside Shigeru Morita and Bunsei Asanuma; all at Gonzo.

Source: 4Gamer


Didn’t I Say to Make my Abilities Average in the Next Life?! Premiere

FUNA’s light novel series has an anime adaptation on its way and it will premiere on October 7th on AT-X, Tokyo MX and BS11 as well as October 8th for TV Aichi and October 9 for ABC TV. Crunchyroll will stream the series outside of Asia. The anime is directed by Mashiko Ohta with Takashi Aoshima in charge of series’ composition.

Source: avex pictures


Space Battleship Yamato 2202 Sequel Announced

A new project in the series that continues where the story left in 2202 has been announced for 2020. It will be titled Space Battleship Yamato 2205: A New Journey and current information seems to indicate (But not confirm) that it will be released in a theatrical format comparable with previous entries in the franchise. Harutoshi Fukui returns to the series to handle the scripts with Yoshinobu Nishizaki (Son of original series’ co-creator) returning as executive producer.

Source: Official Website


Hope you Weren’t Hoping for a Bright Future for Macross in the West

Harmony Gold has announced that it has renewed and extended its license of Super Dimension Fortress Macross, Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross and Genesis Climber Mospeada. The license was scheduled to expire in 2021, but it has now been extended to “Well into the future”; so how’s that for a prospect of the series’ future in the Western market?

This, however, is only about the first Macross series. Harmony Gold’s president of animation, Tommy Yune, claims that the rights for any of the follow up Macross projects is “an issue that has yet to be resolved”… Wonderful indeed!

Source: Anime Expo 2019 Harmony Gold’s Panel


China Continues to Get Serious About Anime

Tencent has announced 47 upcoming animated projects going forward, both film and anime, and 29 will be completely original projects while 18 will be remakes or returning series. These projects include idol series and game-related anime and involves cooperation with anime studios in Japan. All this seems good for anime’s future but as I previously pointed out, we should all be careful about China’s ambitions in the market, especially as they grow big enough to leave a lasting mark on the industry.

Source: Otakomu