Author: Gabriel Persechino-Forest     Published: February 26th, 2018

With the announcement of a third season made already, it seems pointless to make an article talking about what an hypothetical 3rd season could hold for the franchise. However, with the film trilogy giving early indications that the new series is happening in an alternate continuity (Plot elements have been changed, there will be another article on this), I find it relevant to explore what a true third season, one happening after the second season of the anime series (Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2), could offer. This article will be based on educated guesses and logical assumptions based on what we know of the franchise thus far (Story, characters, themes, unused concepts…); also, Spoiler!


Important Point Regarding Season 2’s ending

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Image Source: Code Geass Wiki

Any third season needs to protect the artistic integrity of the second season by making sure they do not undo Lelouch’s death; which is central, thematically, to his final sacrifice. Too often important and popular characters get revived just to boost ratings which ultimately ends up damaging the series. Sunrise needs the balls to stand by their ending.


New Main Character

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Image Source: Screenshot of Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion Series

The easy answer (And likely one) is to simply introduce an entirely new character to the audience. While not a bad idea at all in and of itself, I believe there’s still more potential in the existing cast for a new lead: Kallen.

With Lelouch dead she is the most skilled, youthful and properly positioned character to challenge whatever new threat arises. She is essentially just going to school right now and isn’t tied to any organisation; giving the character more leeway to expand. She is also perfectly setup to be the new “I was going about my life as usual before an attack happened and now I have Geass” character. It would make a nice parallel to Lelouch in the first Season and would allow the audience an easier time identifying with the situation than being thrown straight into the middle of politics many newcomers to the series would not know the first thing about. She’s also an already popular character with strong fan appeal and is still young enough to be within the target audience. She’d also make an impression as one of the rare strong and iconic female leads in mecha series if they went ahead with it. That and Kallen with Geass teaming up with C.C. would be awesome!


Central Theme

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Image Source: Screenshot of Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 Series

One of the main problems of continuing the series seems to be the central theme: After all, if you simply start a new conflict after season 2, aren’t you spitting on Lelouch’s Sacrifice and what it meant? No, not if done right. Lelouch sacrificed himself to take with him the anger and hatred of the world and allow it to move on, after he had restructured the entire world’s political system into one that essentially makes conflict near impossible. He gave them a fresh start but he did not create a utopia and he himself made it clear it’s up to humanity to decide what path to take in the new era he brought about. He merely expressed his confidence in humans to make the right choice.

Keeping that in mind, a nice way to start a new series could be by further exploring the established theme. Lelouch’s legacy is prosperity, but the new series could demonstrate that there is always, no matter how faint, the possibility for conflict to start anew. Therefor it’d make sense for the new theme to be the need to preserve peace once you’ve achieved it. The new series would also provide a perfect opportunity to explore the system Lelouch created; its strength and flaws.

Another important theme could be Zero. As an ideal rather than a man it would be interesting to see how Suzaku handles his role as the new Zero and how the symbol of Zero has changed now that it is essentially a position within the Black Knight’s military and how that conflicts with its essence as an icon of freedom, rebellion and justice.


Unanswered Questions

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Season 1, and Word of God, indicated Suzaku had a link with Geass that accounted for his inhuman strength. This was never further developed due to time constrains and changes, however. Nunnally was also demonstrated as having a certain power as well. She could tell when someone was lying, could sense the presence of Geass users and was able to literally see Lelouch’s final plan by merely touching him at the end. It was later revealed in the novels that she does actually have a special power she is unaware of due to her mother giving birth after having gained her Geass ability (Also the reason Lelouch was so compatible with the power, as not everyone actually is). The new series should definitely expand on those two points as they are in serious need of proper development.

How C’s World was created was never really explained. But that can remain a mystery for now. I feel it deserves its own series, honestly. Or perhaps a movie?


New Villains

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Image Source: Screenshot of Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion Series

There are unconfirmed reports circulating the internet that at one time, Jeremiah was scheduled to have a sister who would be a Lelouch lookalike. Using that concept would be a good way to “bring back” Lelouch to fans who would otherwise be unhappy and would also make for an interesting plot development. She’d be able to control Lelouch’s former royal guards (Who have been instructed through Geass to obey him) and she could claim to be the former emperor and easily start a Britannian civil war. Also a nice way to justify Jeremiah and Anya coming back (Considering they’re definitely retired right now)

Cornelia, as a Princess and one of the few still politically active, could be Nunnally’s adviser by the time a new story starts. This could give her a position making it easy to manipulate Nunnally, who is still young, and bring about the true “Darwinist” Britannia she believes in.

Schneizel would make for a great villain, again, but he should mirror his role in the first series and be “that villain” who only really gets his plan going at the end. He should be freed from his Geass early on by Jeremiah (By mistake of course) but keep it a secret and weave his plans in the shadows as he waits for the current villain to fail and the situation to come to an impasse, at which point he’d finally make his move by taking advantage of the situation and the element of surprise.


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Image Source: Code Geass: Oz the Reflection volume 3 cover

Of course there are other possibilities than a third season altogether. They could adapt the Oz or Renya manga. Or they could explore the vast history and world of the series with events such as the French Revolution, the American Revolution, World War I… all of these events occur differently than in our own world and have limitless potential. I’d also be OK with a comedy or slice of life series, canon or non-canon. Really, as long as it’s done properly there are limitless possibilities with a franchise such as Geass.

The new series on its way will more than likely be exactly what fans had been waiting for: A third season that brings Lelouch back for another epic adventure. But since it is unlikely to be an actual sequel to the TV series (Again, I think it’s in a new continuity), I thought it would be appropriate to give some insight into what to expect/hope if they ever do make a proper sequel.


Source: Article Image: Visual announcing the Resurrection Film Trilogy Project