Author: Gabriel Persechino-Forest     Published: March 25th, 2018

Last Period Promo

The promo features the theme song Wiseman Theme by Wiseman. The series will debut on April 11 on Tokyo MX and ABC Asahi Broadcasting and on April 12 on BS11 and will last 12 episodes.

Source: Official Website and Article Image: Taken from the promo


HIDIVE to Start Dubcast

Essentially Sentai’s answer to simuldubs, dubcasts are a new HIDIVE initiative that aims to offer dubbed version of series two weeks after their Japanese release. They plan on starting with the spring 2018 simulcast season.

Source: Anime UK News


Dagashi Kashi Manga Ends

Kotoyama’s manga series will end in 3 chapters.

Source: Weekly Shonen Sunday’s 17th issue of the year


Streaming is Doing Well in Japan

Japan saw a 12.2% increase in its streaming video on demand market and forecasts further increases in the coming years.

Source: Variety


Fan Bashing Continues in the West

As I elaborated in an earlier article, anime fans can now expect to be stigmatised in the West as can be seen by this latest article calling Otaku “man boys”, insulting the artistic integrity of the medium and pushing the all too familiar and intellectually bankrupt contention that anime “over-sexualizes women”. All the while the writer of the article trips herself over her religious adoration of celebrities in another display of America’s celebrity culture.

The article goes on to trivialise how anime fans are treated by mainstream media (Regularly insulted and dismissed with lies and stereotypes) and insinuates that our culture, Otaku geek culture, is toxic and stops short of outright saying it should not exist although certainly implies that it should not in its current form (I assume its not homogenised and mainstreamed enough for her). Indeed the same people always screaming about discrimination and being marginalised are the first ones to look at other groups suffering from such stereotypes and aggression and dismiss them, all the while continuing to expect everyone to care about their problems, real or imaginary. The article also continues the false allegations that anime is unwelcoming of women, even though half the fanbase is female; something the “writer” of this piece should have probably researched before making unsubstantiated claims. In the end, another pseudo-article that demonstrates lack of journalistic ethics or professionalism that reads like it was literally lifted from a social study seminar.


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