Author: Gabriel Persechino-Forest     Published: January 14th, 2018

Seven Deadly Sins Changes

The first season of The Seven Deadly Sins ended on original content that departed from the manga source material and it seems the way by which they are getting the series back on track is with a cliché but efficient “It was all a dream”. The second season has just begun to air and it is picking right after where the manga’s story had been adapted last; completely leaving out all the additional content added in the last episode of the first season.

Source: Comic and Article Image: Official Twitter


Darling in the Franxx Episode Count

The new mecha series has just been revealed to have a full 24 episode run planned.

Source: Spy_0taku’s Twitter


Staff Revealed for Akkun to Kanojo

An anime adaptation of the manga Akkun and his Girlfriend now has staff listed: Shin Katagai is director, Yuka Yamada handles series composition, Motohiro Taniguchi is in charge of character designs and Yumeta Company is in charge of the series.

Source: Kadokawa’s Monthly Comic Gene’s February issue


Tatsuki Recruiting

The now removed and beloved director of Kemono Friends is trying to recruit two voice actress for an undisclosed project.

Source: Irodori7’s Twitter


Ultraman Series to Play on TV Again

The 1979 Ultraman series will air on TOKU starting on January 29th.

Source: Toku’s Facebook


Original Osomatsu-kun Now Streaming

Discotek began streaming the first episode of the 1988 Osomatsu-kun series, which can be found here.


Jojo’s Character Designer Coming to Paris

The upcoming 25ème édition du salon Paris Manga & Sci-Fi Show event is going to receive Junichi Hayama as a guest.

Source: Manga Mag