Author: Gabriel Persechino-Forest     Published: January 14th, 2018

New Manga Starting

On December 27th, Yuki Takami and Ketsuyuki Tamon have just launched two manga adaptations of the Tenka Hyakken franchise in Dengeki G’s Comic magazine. Milan Matra also launched a new manga called Black Sister Insomnia centering on people with insomnia developing special powers. Shiki Kawabata is also launching a new series, Boku no Orion, on February 15th and will start with a 57 pages first chapter that will include colored pages. Shiki’s manga will be about a boy with self-esteem issues.

Source: Kadokawa’s Dengeki G’s Comic’s February issue (Article image is cover of said magazine), Kadokawa’s Monthly Dragon Age’s February issue and Shueisha’s You’s February issue


Several Titles Ending

NisiOisin’s Densetsu series will come to an end on the 10th volume on March 28th. BlazBlue manga spin-off Variable Heart has also recently concluded on December 9th. And to finish, Yoshiaki Tabata and Yuki Yogo’s Ninja Slayer manga has ended recently as well, on December 30th.

Source: NisiOisin’s Twitter, Kadokawa’s Monthly Dragon Age’s January issue and njslyr_ukiyoe’s Twitter