Author: Gabriel Persechino-Forest     Published: May 19th, 2018

Name Change for Immortal Hounds

Ryo Yasohachi’s manga has been renamed Immortal Ridgeline (Shinazu no Ryosen) starting with its 49th chapter. This name change applies to chapters 41 – 48 as well, meaning: Ryo is essentially separating his manga and Immortal Hounds ends with 40 chapters.

Source: Manga Mag and Article Image: Immortal Hounds Volume 1 cover by Ki-oon


Sensei! Shimekiri Desu yo Manga Announced

Kenji Hamaoka is launching a new series titled Manga Artist! It’s your Deadline on June 12.

Source: Akita Shoten


Tesura Nishina can’t Find it Ends

Peach-Pit is ending their Nishina Tesura wa Mitsukaranai manga (Which is really the second season of their Nishina Tesura series) on May 24.

Source: Kodansha’s Morning’s 24th issue of the year


Magical Somera-chan Haute Couture Ends

The manga sequel to Magical Somera-chan is ending on May 22 and the final and seventh volume ships in July.

Source: Amazon Japan


The Ancient Magus’ Bride Novels Licensed

Seven Seas has licensed The Golde Yarn (Ships December 11, 2018) and The Silver Yarn (Ships March 19, 2019), which are two short stories collection of Yamazaki’s manga. The novels will be sold in both paperback and digital editions.

Source: Seven Seas Entertainment