Author: Gabriel Persechino-Forest     Published: May 19th, 2018

Multiple New Seasons

A second season has been announced for January 2019. It was also announced that a third season will be released the same year in October.


BanG Dream! Pastel Life Details

The anime will be a spin-off that will play as a segment of the BanG Dream! TV variety program on the same day. Each episode will be around three and half minute long and there will be six total episodes.



The BanG Dream! franchise is expanding and diversifying with the addition of an all-male idol group called Argonavis. Their first concert is slated for this July. This male-centric version of BanG Dream! is set in a different world than the original girls team and will not interact.

Here is their introduction video:


Source: BanG Dream!’s Twitter (For article image as well), Moca NewsHibiki Mens’ Twitter and Kidanit Twitter