Author: Gabriel Persechino-Forest     Published: May 16th, 2018

New series are debuting:

  • Kiss Him, Not me: Junko’s manga is getting a special, side-story chapter in June. The chapter will be 37 pages long and focuses on Shinomiya as a college student meeting Nanashima again.
  • Sailor Moon: Miyoko Ikeda is writing a novel adaptation of Sailor Moon with the first volume set to ship in June.
  • Silver Spoon: Hiromu Arakawa’s manga is resuming on May 23 from a hiatus that started July 26.
  • Unknown Title: Atsuko Nanba (Of Ao-Natsu fame) is launching a new manga focusing on an age-gap romance (16 year old girl and 24 year old man) that will start publication this summer.


And a couple of other series are ending as well:

  • 8-jo Carnival: Kumichi Yoshizuki’s manga will end in its next chapter on May 16.
  • Shonan Seven: The GTO spinoff series is ending soon according to Toru Fujisawa.
  • The Very Lovely Tyrant of Love: Megane Mihoshi’s manga will end with its 14th volume.
  • Wagamama Honey Holic: Yuu Minamoto’s manga ends with its next chapter in June.


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