Author: Gabriel Persechino-Forest     Published: March 29th, 2018

Since the mainstream status of anime appears to be here to stay and so is the mainstream media attack on the hobby, I thought I would start regular updates on animegate as it materializes.

Today we have two new articles:


The Observer


These articles continue what I warned about with Comicverse attempting to familiarise mainstream audiences with the harem genre while at the same time taking an opportunity to criticise and condemn it for the usual “Objectification of women”, “Perpetuating negative stereotypes”, “Chauvinism” and all the other anti-sex puritanical nonsense. There’s also a Syfy Wire article helping to introduce the concept to mainstream but at least they weren’t insulting about it and stuck with a straightforward description.

Then the Observer article aims to further cement the notion that anime is mainstream now but also adds an important statement that the mainstream media establishment really wants geeks to understand:

Once upon a time, that genre belonged to the geek, but not anymore.


For those who are unaware, here are the relevant articles I wrote on what’s currently happening:

Normalization of Anime

Attack on the Fanbase


Source: Article Image: Comicverse website screenshot


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