Author: Gabriel Persechino-Forest     Published: February 9th, 2018

A ceremony for Crunchyroll’s anime awards will be held at Montalban at Hollywood and tickets will be available as well as livestreaming of the event. What to expect from the event:

-Walk the orange carpet and experience the anime walk of fame

-Take pictures in front of our official photo-op stations and backdrops

-Cash bar with Anime Awards-themed drink menu (21+)

-Crunchyroll pop-up shop with exclusive Anime Awards merchandise

-Rooftop party with DJs and other surprises!


This year’s Anime Awards ceremony will be hosted by Anthony Carboni and Erika Ishii. Alice Underground will perform as a musical guest, while Jenni “MostFlogged” Hashimoto will be present as a cosplay artist. The event will also be packed with special guests and appearances, which can be seen below:


Special Appearances and Presenters

-Mike Daniels, Green Bay Packers defensive end

-Caitlin Glass, Voice Actor (Skip Beat!, Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card)

-Stephanie Sheh, Voice Actor (Sailor Moon, Kill la Kill)

-Todd Haberkorn, Voice Actor (Sailor Moon, Fairy Tail)



-Freddie Wong ProZD


-Reina Scully

-Mother’s Basement

-Lily Pichu

-Miles Luna

-Glass Reflection

-Super Eyepatch

-Wolf RDC

-World 1

-Victoria Holden

-Riley Rose Critchlow


This year’s show will also be be sponsored by Bandai Namco.


Sound like fun? Visit the official ticket sales page on Showclix to grab your seats to one of the most unique awards shows of the season for $35. Still haven’t voted in the Anime Awards? There’s still time to vote on the nominees before voting closes on February 12th!


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