Author: Gabriel Persechino-Forest     Published: February 9th, 2018

Gal*Gun 2 Banned in Germany

The game Gal*Gun 2 has been refused a rating from the state-sponsored,  censorship board USK, which means a de facto ban as retailers within the country are prohibited by law to carry the title and citizens have to import it from outside the country. Another fine example of authoritarian oppression that seems to increase in every nation as of late.

Source: Rice Digital


Reddit Doubles Down on Censorship too

Reddit has decided to ban “deepfake” pornography as well as any fictional, animated images that sexualize children. Yes, anime was mentioned by name. The rules in question are so vague and all inclusive as to make this decision even worse than regular censorship, as it gives the good people of Reddit the ability to pretty much ban whatever the hell they want, including western works. Read them for yourself if you like.