Author: Gabriel Persechino-Forest     Published: January 2nd, 2018

Fate/Extella Link has News Ad Announcing Launch Date

A new ad for the game Fate/Extella has begun to play on TV that reveals the game is slated for a June 7th release.

Source: コンシューマ – マーベラス公式チャンネル YouTube Channel and Official Website (For image)


Tournament for Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

It appears the tournament where the world’s top streamers are set to battle it out has a date: January 17th.

Source: Gematsu


New Ad for Attack on Titan 2 Game

This is a TV commercial for the upcoming game that is set for release in March (In Japan).

Source: コーエーテクモChannel YouTube


Strike Witches Game Ends Service

Strike Witches: Kiseki no Rinbukyoku will end its service on February 28th. This might be you last chance to play it.

Source: Official Twitter Account