Author: Gabriel Persechino-Forest     Published: January 2nd, 2018

We actually have quite a bit of news to get through today.


Muhyo and Roji has Continuation in the Works

While probably not very popular in the west, Muhyo and Roji has been a rather successful manga in Japan (Or it was 10 years ago when it ended, anyways) and, during Comiket, Yoshiyuki Nishi gave people a special chapter of his series that ended with “Coming soon. Please chech 2018.1.? – Shonen Jump Plus / Tonari Young Jump”. So it seems the series could resume soon based on that teaser.

Source: Manga Mag and Volume 1 Cover (For image)


A Certain Magical Virtual-On Manga Launched

A manga adaptation for the novel of the popular series has just launched. With a 3rd season of Magical Index announced as well not long ago, it seems fans of the franchise have a great deal to look forward to.

Source: Comic Walker


Zelda: Twilight Princess Resumes

The manga Zelda: Twilight Princess, which had been on hold following announcement that the team was working on the details of the finale, is finally resuming on February 26th.

Source: Akira Himekawa’s Official Blog


Netflix Adds Fullmetal Alchemist and Brotherhood

Seems like you’ve seen this news before right? Well last time it was the UK that announced it, now it seems the US and Canada will be able to enjoy both the original series and Brotherhood with dub or subtitles with both series being available now.

Source: Comic


Pokémon Black and White to Play on POP max

UK channel POP Max just announced that they will broadcast the Pokémon: Black and White anime. Here is the commercial:

Source: Anime Bluray UK


Pop Team Epic Licensed

Sentai Filmworks just announced that it has licensed the anime Pop Team Epic and will stream the series on HIDIVE in January.

Source: Sentai Filmworks Press Release


GKIDS Major License Announcements

GKIDS has licensed the movie LU Over the Wall (And plans an English dub) as well as Night is short, Walk on Girl and Mind Game. All movies are set to hit theaters, although only Lu Over the Wall will be dubbed while the other three will be in original Japanese with subtitles.

Source: Crunchyroll


élDLIVE Nears its End

The manga élDLIVE is entering what it calls “its Last Season” on February 5th.

Source: Shonen Jump Plus


Manga for Hataraku Oniisan! Announced

The anime Hataraku Oniisan! (Or Working Buddies!) announced that it has a spin-off manga (Titled Itsuka Hataraku Oniisan!) in the works by Den Terayama. The manga will focus on Hachitani and Nezaen’s college lives.

Source: Kadokawa’s Comic Dengeki DaiohG’s 53rd issue


Yurika Kubo Quits her Agency

Popular voice actress Yurika Kubo is leaving her agency and working freelance. For some reason, this also prompted her SHiKACO PARK fan club to stop accepting members and announce their impending closure.

Source: Clare Voice and My Game News Flash


KAT-TUN Returns

The boy band KAT-TUN announced that they intend to resume activities in 2018.

Source: Music Natalie