Author: Gabriel Persechino-Forest     Published: December 25th, 2017

Junji Ito Collection set for 12 Episodes + 2 OVAs

It seems we already know how many episodes this series is going to last as it was just announced it is going to be a 12 episode series with 2 additional episodes set for release along with the DVDs. It very clearly says DVDs; I’m uncertain if it means there won’t be a BD release.

Source: Official Website


Jun Shiraishi to Launch New Manga

The author of the manga Dodoma is preparing to launch a new series to premiere in Comic Zenon (Tokuma Shoten Editions) on January 25th with a special 56 page chapter. The manga will be entitled Moryo Shojo (The Young Girl of the Spirits). The picture announcing this manga can be seen atop this article.


The story takes place in Japan in 1582 during the Tensho era. We follow the adventures of a master and his student. It’s strange, but they possess bodies “that can’t die”. But one day a tragic event occurred and the master’s body is cut into seven pieces. And these pieces were stolen by the Moryo, the spirits of the forest. The young student then goes on an adventure to recover her master’s body.

Source: Manga Mag (For synopsis and picture also)


Godzilla Animated Movie gets Two Manga

Godzilla: Monster Planet is getting two manga adaptations debuting in March of next year. The first manga is going to be from Yusuke Kurahashi and pre-published on the Z website of the Homesha editions while the second manga will be published on the Shonen Jump + website by the same manga artist. The first manga is set to follow the movie pretty closely but will have additional and unseen scenes as well.

Source: Manga Mag


Sword Dynasty Chinese-Based Anime Gets Japanese Broadcast

It seems that Sword Dynasty still has some life in it as it prepares to broadcast on Japanese TV this January.

Source: Official Twitter Account


Noboyuki Anzai to Launch New Manga

The author of both MÄR and Flame of Recca is announcing that he has a series upcoming in Shogakukan’s Sunday S Zokan publication set to premiere next spring.

Source: Anime! Anime!


Eat-Man the Main Dish Manga to Resume

Kodansha just announced that Akihito Yoshitomi is resuming his Eat-Man manga on January 26th.

Source: Kodansha’s Monthly Shonen Sirius, February Issue


Hiro Mashima Sends you Off on the Holidays the Right Way

FT Sketch Holidays

What you’re seeing is a sketch Hiro Mashima made where he and Lucy wish you happy holidays.

Source: Hiro Mashima’s Twitter Account