Author: Gabriel Persechino-Forest     Published: December 25th, 2017

With two super corporations attempting to establish a monopoly in the anime market and using their mountains of cash to be able to outbid any competition while offering a an inferior service, you’d think streaming services like Crunchyroll would be worried; anime fans certainly are. But apparently they’re not, or at least that’s the official statement they decided to go with as can be seen below:


We’re perfectly thrilled if more users around the world discover or become curious about anime through one of the larger global streaming [platforms]…

…That’s great, because that’s good for anime. And what we know is that anyone who really wants to go deeper is going to end up at Crunchyroll eventually. And this is simply for the reason that we have it all.

All this sounds fine and dandy and Crunchyroll does offer a better service more suited to the anime community’s needs but in a market where being able to buy the license of a series determines your relevance from season to season, I can’t help but fear we haven’t heard the last of the two corporate giants who just rammed into the industry.


Source: Inverse and Image via Crunchyroll