Author: Gabriel Persechino-Forest     Published: December 21st, 2017

It seems the anime is wrapping up its final, pre-airing announcements with the latest release of the show’s trailer.

The trailer (Which features the new opening and ending themes) can be seen below:

The opening and ending themes are Go Cry Go by OxT and Hydra by MYTH&ROID.

The new characters, announced in the trailer, are as follow: Zaryusu (Played by Hiroki Touchi), Shasryu (Played by Naomi Kusumi), Crusch (Played by Sora Amamiya), Zenberu (Played by Kouji Ishii), Renner (Played by Kiyono Yasuno) and Climb (Played by Ryota Ohsaka).

The show is set to premiere on January 9 and has been long awaited by fans since the popularity of its surprise first season.


Source: Official Website