Author: Gabriel Persechino-Forest     Published: December 23rd, 2017

My Hero Academia: One’s Justice Confirmed for Western Release

My Hero Academia: One’s Justice has finally been confirmed for a western release, at least in Europe, and has a shiny new trailer to show it:

Source: Image: Official Website


Trailer is Out for One Piece: World Seeker

While much about the game remains to be revealed, they at least put out a trailer to appease the fans:


Western Release and Promo Clip for Catherine: Full Body

ATlus U.S.A., who is in charge of localising the game’s western release, announced that Catherine: Full Body will get a western release in both Europe and North America although failed to specify any dates or which consoles it would come out on.

The promo for the game can be seen here:

Source: Official Website and Livestream broadcast


NISA is Finally Fixing their Mess

NIS America, famous for completely screwing over the localisation of Ys VIII, has provided a new video showcasing the work done to fix the localisation. According to NISA, the patch for their mess will be free. While many may rightly be angry about the treatment the game received since falling into NISA’s hands, at least they are fixing it; which is more than can be said for localisation butchery that occurs on the western market in most cases. The sample of the new localisation can be seen below:

Source: NISA’s Official Press Release on their Site