Author: Gabriel Persechino-Forest     Published: January 1st, 2020

Final Fantasy VII Remake Details

The remake of the legendary game will come out on March 3 as a Playstation exclusive; the game will remain available on the PS4 exclusively until March 3, 2021.

Source: Final Fantasy (Article image as well) and Square Enix Store


Resident Evil 3 Remake Details

Resident Evil 3‘s remake will be released on April 3 on Steam, Xbox One and the Playstation 4. The release will also include the Resident Evil: Resistance online game and those who pre-order will get a classic costume pack.

Source: Resident Evil


Shenmue 3 Sales aren’t Good at All

Shenmue III landed 17th on the UKIE game charts, suggesting it is struggling in the UK at the very least. The game is also struggling in its native market of Japan, moving only 17 857 units during its first week of launch.  The game was plagued with many issues, including being initially an Epic Games Store exclusive, refund problems, short-changing backers for the PS4 cover and so on…

Source: One Angry Gamer


The Ryuo’s Work is Never Done! Game

Shirow Shiratori’s light novel series will be adapted into a Playstation 4 game.

Source: nankagun


Under Night In-Birth EXE:Late[cl-r] Details

The game will launch in North America on February 20th for the Switch and Playstation 4.

Source: Anime News Network


Sisters Royal Release Details

The game will be released on January 30th for the Switch and Playstation 4.

Source: Chorus Worldwide Games


Conception Plus: Maidens of the Twelve Stars Trailer

The game launched on the Steam and Playstation 4 in North America on November 5th of last year and in Europe on November 8th of the same year.

Source: Spike Chunsoft


My Hero Academia One’s Justice 2 Details

The game will be released on the Switch, Xbox One (Download-only) and Playstation 4 on March 12. The game will be released in the West on all of the same platforms and PC during 2020.

Source: Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump’s 1st issue of 2020 and Bandai Namco Entertainment America


Happy New Year Everyone!