Author: Gabriel Persechino-Forest     Published: May 26th, 2019

Japan’s Streaming Market Grows

Japan’s streaming market has grown by 19% this year (Sitting at US$2 billion). For the first time, the DVD and BD sales were less than the numbers of the streaming services (US$1.393 billion) and suffered an overall loss of 7.1% compared to last year. It seems streaming is more and more becoming the way of the future for the industry.

Source: Animation Business Journal (Link 1 and Link 2) and Article Image: Amazon Japan


Production I.G Revises its Earnings Forecast Downwards

The company has revised its earnings forecast from US$87.11 million to US$80.95 million. It’s operating losses have been increased from US$1.40 million to US$3.87 million with net losses moving from US$1.78 million to US$1.87 million. The company’s disappointing results are attributed to delay in content delivery, lower than expected manga sales and overall lower than expected earnings. Production I.G. and Wit Studio recently entered into an alliance with Netflix, although it looks like those Netflix dollars aren’t bringing the anticipated business prosperity so many were hoping for.

Source: Animation Business Journal


Asahi Acquires Studio DLE

Asahi Broadcasting Group has acquired animation studio DLE for US$25.21 million, with DLE now being a subsidiary.

Source: Netlab


Aniplex to Start Chinese Animation Productions

Aniplex established a subsidiary in Shanghai to start working on Chinese animation productions and focus on related merchandising sales. This is another example of the Japanese market taking the Chinese market seriously and, as I had previously reported on, bringing an uncertain future for Japanese and Chinese animation alike and the direction it will take.

Source: Nikkei


Japan to Expand Grants for Global Market Reach

The Japanese government’s VIPO grant program plans to expand to encourage distribution aimed at the global market. The new program plans to “help” the industry in three ways: Support localization and promotion of content overseas, production of pilot videos for content targeted at the overseas market and development of “highly innovative content” that uses digital technology (Whatever that means).

Source: Animation Business Journal