Author: Gabriel Persechino-Forest     Published: March 23rd, 2019

City Removes Taki’s Manhole Covers

The City of Fujieda has removed manhole covers that featured Pierre Taki, no doubt in response to his recent arrest for cocaine use; see images below:

Source: step_jerk


Self-Censorship Gets Worse for Manga Artists

Chinami Tsuyama revealed that her manga High Score will no longer feature any cigarettes. This is due to the Ribon magazine increasing restrictions on depictions of cigarettes, restrictions which already prohibited her from even showing cigarette smoke before now.

Source: Chinami Tsuyama


Russian Anime Convention Cancelled

AniDag Festival in Russia was forcefully cancelled after more than 100 gathered and made threats against attendees and protested the event. They apparently believe that anime will “Corrupt” the youth, whatever that means. The police did show up to “Maintain order” but seemed to largely side with the protesters.

Source: OC-Media