Author: Gabriel Persechino-Forest     Published: January 19th, 2019

My Anime List Acquired by New Company

Media Do has acquired My Anime List from DeNA and according to reports, they have a new “Vision” for the website. They do mention “Enhancing” the website’s functions as an overseas e-book distribution and marketing platform however the real issue people should pay attention to is what potential plans they might have to alter the way the website currently operates. No concrete mention has been made of what Media Do intends for MAL but as an anime database and a website whose forums have operated largely without following the rules of political correctness that are being widely implemented in all Western countries like a communist manifesto, there remains a lot of uncertainty as to what the website might actually look like when everything is said and done.

Source: My Anime List (Link 1 and Link 2 [Article image])


Aniplex Establishes New Subsidiary

Rialto Entertainment has been established by Aniplex to act as an organization for independent video production and license management of video content. Aniplex’s deputy president Tadashi Ishibashi is acting as the representative director while the president will be producer Eiichi Kamagata.

Source: Animation Business Journal


Asmik Ace and Hero’s Publisher form a Partnership

Asmik Ace (Production company) and Monthly Hero’s Magazine (Publishing company) are forming a partnership to strengthen their rights business, develop video content, expand their intellectual property, develop VR and AR technology and expand distribution of content in overseas markets.

Source: Asmik Ace


Xebec Transfers Production to Sunrise

IG Port is transferring its subsidiary Xebec to Sunrise. This is believed to be largely due to Xebec’s financial failings and their failure to rectify the situation.

Source: Sunrise


Studio Drop Goes Bankrupt

Anime studio Drop has begun bankruptcy proceedings and adds itself to a list several studios to have gone bankrupt over the last few years as the market has become increasingly more competitive.

Source: Tokyo Shoko Research


Nexon Company Sold

Game developer Nexon has been sold by its owner (KIM JUNG-ju) to its holding company NXC Corp. at an estimated (But unconfirmed) US$ 8.9 billion.

Source: Hachima Kiko


DramaFever Shuts Down

Warner Bros. is shutting down its Korean drama streaming service DramaFever, which might be linked to the rising cost of licensing that has, according to Variety (So take it with a grain of salt) risen to as much as US$1 million per season due to rivalling bids from Netflix and Amazon (The same companies also trying to outbid and monopolize the anime market). This will result in 20% of the 110 strong staff being laid off but the employees associated with Digital Lab will continue to be employed.

Source: DramaFever and Variety


3D Avatars Industry Group Formed

13 Japanese companies are establishing a joint venture titled VRM Consortium with the goal of developing an international virtual reality business that focuses on 3D avatars. The companies involved are Unity Technologies Japan, IVR and XVI Inc., Wright Flyer Live, Pixiv, Showroom and Mirrativ, Dwango, S-Court, DUO, Virtual Cast, Cluster, and Crypton Future Media as well as Nintendo (As an “Observer”).

Source: virtualcast