Author: Gabriel Persechino-Forest     Published: September 9th, 2018

Hunter x Hunter Ends Hiatus

Yoshihiro Togashi’s manga will resume on September 22 with its 381st chapter. Recently, Togashi was also interviewed about the length of the current arc of his series and responded as follow:

My series is so long (Dark Continent Expedition arc), but I can’t bring myself to quit part way through. I know it probably sounds self-contradictory, but by setting that dilemma aside, I set a personal standard based on the number of comics published…

If the actual number falls below my standard, I feel like the readers are telling me there’s no point in keeping it going. But if the number exceeds the standard, it shows me that the readers think it’s just as interesting as I do, so I want to keep it running.

Source: Mantan Web, HxH Source and Article Image: Hunter x Hunter volume 35 cover


Crunchyroll and J-Novel Club Partner Up

The two companies are teaming up to offer cross subscriptions. Crunchyroll will offer a Super Fan Pack (Around US$15 a month) that will also include a subscription to J-Novel Club’s service. The new combo will also include a subscription to Utomik (Games) and ANiUTa (Music).

Source: Anime News Network


New Manga Series Starting

  • Banner of the Stars: The series’ first release in 5 years, the 6th volume (Imperial Thunder) was recently released in Japan.
  • Dirty Pair’s Great Leap: A new novel, first in 11 years, of the series is slated to come out this year.
  • Gothic & Lolita Ping-Pong: New novel by author Sagu Aoyama and illustrator Mana Kakkowarui that began release on September 7. The story is about Osamu Sakai, who is trying to rescue a childhood friend who entered underground ping-pong tournaments where players compete wearing gothic lolita outfits while making life-threatening gambles.
  • Temple: New manga by Kimitake Yoshioka on Kodansha’s Comic Days app. The story focuses on a lecherous man who becomes a Buddhist monk to escape his urges but fails anyways when he is greeted at the temple by a beautiful woman.

Source: Otakomu, Comic Days, Ota-Suke and Takachiho Haruka