Author: Gabriel Persechino-Forest     Published: September 1st, 2018

Hunter x Hunter’s Hypothetical End

Yoshihiro Togashi recently talked about his series and what he thinks about ending it:

I also need to think about wrapping up Hunter x Hunter once and for all. There have been a lot of times when it stops showing up on the pages of Shonen Jump, and I’m sure people are wondering what I’m going. But just as a comedian doesn’t show up on TV for awhile sometimes, he’s still working somewhere else, and I’m working every day…

Sometimes I’m not sure which will expire first, the series or me…

Source: Yonkou Productions


Fairy Tail: 100 Year Quest Release Schedule Changed

The Fairy Tail sequel manga series is moving to a biweekly release schedule.

Source: Atsuwo


And you Thought there is Never a Girl Online? Manga Ending

Kazui Ishigami’s manga adaptation of Shibai Kineko’s light novels series will end in its next chapter on September 29.

Source: Kadokawa’s Dengeki G’s Comic’s October issue


New Series Starting/Resuming

  • Nakushita Nanika no Shagashikata: New manga series by Shuu Katayama that starts publication on September 29. It is adapting Harumi Fujino’s Nanashi Series.
  • Shujin Riku Gaiden: A spinoff to Shinobu Seguchi’s Prisoner Riku manga which launched on August 30.
  • Slayers: Hajime Kanzaka’s light novel series will released its 16th volume on October 20, 18 years after volume 15 came out.
  • Twin Star Exorcists – Young Tiger Bound by Heaven’s Will: A manga adaptation of the novel of the same name will launch on September 3 by Yoshiaki Sukeno.

Source: Fantasia Bunko, Yoshiaki Sukeno, Manga News and Shonen Gahosha