Author: Gabriel Persechino-Forest     Published: August 14th, 2018

Manga Nemesis is Discontinued

Kodansha has announced that its Nemesis magazine will seize publication on August 16 on its 41st issue.

Source: Manga Mag


Sagara S no Dosotai Manga Launches

Kaiji Kawaguchi (Art) and Shinji Makari (Story) launched the new manga on August 9.

Source: Kodansha’s Morning’s 36th and 37th issues of the year


Witch Order Manga Launches

Kenji Saito and Chako Abeno are launching the new manga on September 7. The story will be about “A master who pierces through justice and an ill-omened servant.”

Source: Kadokawa’s Monthly Dragon Age’s September issue


Manga Ending Report

  • Cells at Work Black: Shigemitsu Harada and Issei Hatsuyoshi’s spinoff manga just concluded its first part. The second part is scheduled to launch on October 11.
  • Fruits Basket Another: Natsuki Takaya’s sequel manga will end with its next chapter. But the artist did express a desire to draw more one-shots.
  • Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress: Shiro Yoshida’s manga adaptation will end in 3 chapters, likely in November.

Source: Natsuki Takaya, Kodansha’s Morning’s 36th and 37th issues of the year, Mag Garden’s Monthly Comic Garden’s September issue and Article Image: Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress volume 1 cover