Author: Gabriel Persechino-Forest     Published: August 11th, 2018

Live Series for Bungaku Shojo

Mayaka Nakano’s manga will be getting a live action adaptation by MBS and TBS this fall. Sumisu is directing.

Source: Comic Natalie


Archimedes no Taisen Movie Announced

A film adaptation of Norifusa Mita’s manga has been announced.

Source: Archimedes no Taisen volume 10


Tobaku Haoden Zero to Get Prequel

The prequel to the live action TV adaptation of Nobuyuki Fukumoto’s manga will get a prequel of 3 episodes that will stream exclusively on Hulu in Japan. The stories will focus on each of the main character’s 3 friends.

Source: Anime News Network


Pornographer Manga has Series

Fuji TV on Demand produced a live series adapting Maki Marukido’s boys’ love manga that recently premiered.

Source: Comic Natalie