Author: Gabriel Persechino-Forest     Published: July 29th, 2018

Kill la Kill Gets its Own Game

The game is a collaboration between studio Trigger and Arc System Works and is set for a 2019 release window.

Source: Arc System Works and Article Image: Taken from the trailer


Tokyo Ghoul Game Announced

Tokyo Ghoul:re – Call to Exist is the title of the upcoming Playstation 4 game based on the manga. It set for this winter and will feature stories from both the original manga and the  :re sequel.

Source: Official Website


Bullet Girls Phantasia Promo

The Playstation 4 and Vita game is set to ship on August 9 in Japan. It will also be released with English and Traditional Chinese localizations in Asia on the same date.

Source: D3Publisher


Shining Resonance Refrain Trailers

Playstation 4 Version

Switch Version

Source: Playstation and Nintendo


Valkyria Chronicle 4 Western Release Dates

The Playstation 4, Xbox One, Switch and Steam game will be released on September 25 in the Americas, Europe and Australia.

Source: Anime News Network


Crystar Game Announced

The Playstation 4 game will come out October 18.

Source: Game Channel by フリュー