Author: Gabriel Persechino-Forest     Published: July 21st, 2018

Seven Seas License Announcements


  • A Certain Scientific Railgun: Astral Buddy
  • Classmates
  • Dragon Quest Monsters+
  • Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid: Elma’s Office Lady Diary
  • Sourcerous Stabber Orphen: Heed my Call, Beast!
  • Transparent Light Blue

Light Novels

  • Classroom of the Elite
  • Division Maneuver
  • Mushoku Tensei

Source: Anime Bluray UK and Article Image: A Certain Scientific Railgun: Astral Buddy volume 1 cover


New Series Starting

  • Kaitei: Yukinobu Hoshino is launching a new manga about chinese explorer Zheng He.
  • Silent Witches Suomus Iranko Chutai ReBOOT!: A reboot of Strike Witches Suomus Iranko Chutai that will be written by Toshihiko Tsukiji and illustrated by Kosuke Tsukinami. It is slated for October 1.
  • Tari Tari – Mebaitari Terashitari Yappari Tokidoki Utattari: A sequel book to the Tari Tari anime set 10 years afterwards. Masakazu Hashimoto (In charge of series composition for the anime) is writing the novel and the first chapter is coming out on August 1, with subsequent chapters coming out the 1st and 15th of every month.

Source: Moca News, Anime Land and Comic Natalie


Manga Ending Report

  • Boys Be… Young Adults: Masahiro Itabashi and Hiroyuki Tamakoshi’s manga recently published its last chapter.
  • Darling in the Franxx!: The 4-panel spin-off manga by mato ended with its 73rd chapter.
  • Death March Kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyosokyoku Ex: Arisa Ojo no Isekai Funtoki: Akira Segami’s spin-off manga recently published its last chapter.
  • Hisone to Masotan: Toshinao Aoki’s manga recently published its last chapter.
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion: Legend of the Piko-Piko Middle School Students: Yushi Kawata and Yukito’s manga will end on August 4 and the fifth volume will be released on Ocotber 4.

Source: Shonen Jump Plus, Kadokawa’s Monthly Dragon Age’s August issue and Kadokawa’s Young Ace’s August issue