Author: Gabriel Persechino-Forest     Published: July 21st, 2018

MVM Entertainment UK recently announced that its limited edition release of Flip Flappers (Combo release) was changed to BD-only. This was due to their partners dropping the DVD format. Anime Independent actually spoke with Tony Allen (Owner of MVM) and asked him about the situation. According to Tony, the cost of DVDs is simply too high at this point and what we are seeing is simply a repeat of the VHS transition era. He revealed that figures now sit at 60/40 in favor of BD when it comes to sales but back catalogue sales tends to be more DVD oriented.

Authoring titles on DVD on their own is expensive and while MVM will continue to do so for a short while, Tony reveals he is coming around to the idea of switching to blu-ray completely. The UK companies use USA source masters so with companies like Sentai dropping DVD, it makes it harder for UK companies to keep it up themselves.

MVM anticipates dropping the DVD format by 2019.


Source: Anime Independent and Article Image: Rightstuf