Author: Gabriel Persechino-Forest     Published: June 29th, 2018

Re:Zero’s BD Release Artifacts Issues

Funimation’s and Anime Limited’s release of Re:Zero shows noticeable color banding. Anime Limited, who also releases the series in the UK, will not be addressing the issue as they do not believe it constitutes a problem:

Originally posted by Andrew Partridge

So in this case with Re:Zero – while it strongly falls into disappointing for us too, it is not at least the common vernacular definition of defective for us.

If I had to guess, “the common vernacular definition of defective” for them would be when enough customers complain that it starts to pose a financial risk.

All Funimation had to say was that it is still “Continuing to gather information” (Pretty sure that means assessing how pissed the customers are more than anything else) and so no word yet as to whether or not they will do anything about this. Hopefully, the issues will be addressed and re-issues will be made; or at least a future release of the series could have the corrected material (Classic editions?).

Here is video explaining some of the issues:

Source: Anime News Network, Holy994 and Article Image: Problematic screenshot from Re:Zero


Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex Re-release

The series, which saw its first UK BD release as a very limited and expansive run, will get a standard BD release that will contain all 52 episodes of the series. It will not contain the 3 movies (Although they are available individually on BD already) and will not contain the collector’s edition’s unique content (Such as the book). A DVD edition will also be made available. The BD set will retail for around £55 and the DVD set will be around £40.

Source: UK Anime Network


New Release Dates for Pokémon and Chunibyo

Manga Entertainment UK announced that Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions: Take on me will be released on the 22nd of October. Meanwhile, Pokémon: Black & White movie collection has been rescheduled for July 9.

Source: Anime Bluray UK