Author: Gabriel Persechino-Forest     Published: May 20th, 2018

God Eater Resonantoka Gekijo Opening

This is the opening video of the God Eater directed by Paraco Sasahara:

Source: 876TV and Article Image: Taken from the video


Oshi ga Budokan Ittekuretara Shinu Gets Anime

Auri Hirao’s manga will receive an anime adaptation; little else is known as of now.

Source: Rakuten


To the Moon Gets Film

The adventure RPG game, which launched in 2011, is getting an anime film in the form of a collaboration between Japan and China.

Source: Kan Gao


Golden Kamui OVA

An OVA focused on the Barato Arc will be released along with volume 15 of the manga.

Source: Anime Land


Yu Yu Hakusho on Hulu

Hulu is now host to every episode of Yu Yu Hakusho with English dub.

Source: Your Anime Guy


Elf Yamada in Eromanga Sensei VR Pool Party

The character Elf Yamada is joining the VR game on May 24 with voice actress Minami Takahashi reprising her role:

Elf Yamada VR 1

Elf Yamada VR 2

Elf Yamada VR 3

Source: Animate Times