Author: Gabriel Persechino-Forest     Published: May 17th, 2018

Crunchyroll Popularity Chart

Crunchyroll released a chart that shows the most popular series this season on the streaming platform, excluding any sequels. The chart can be seen above.

Source: Crunchyroll


VIZ Media Licenses One-Punch Man Season 2

The company has acquired the master license for the series’ second season for North America, Latin America and Oceania and has secured streaming, TV broadcast, home video and merchandising rights.

Source: VIZ Media


Otaku Coin Release Approaches

The new cryptocurrency is aiming for a summer or fall release. At the time of release, 100 billion Otaku Coins will be made available which will be used to fund projects that contribute to otaku culture (61%) and cover operating expenses (39%).

Source: Anime News Network


Legend of the Galactic Heroes – Then and Now

Anime News Network made an interesting piece highlighting the changes between the different incarnations of Legend of the Galactic Heroes. I have no intention of summarising it, I think this piece should be read in its entirety by fans of the franchise. So, here’s the link.


New Lucy Sketch by Hiro Mashima

Lucy Sketch Fairy Tail Mashima

Source: Hiro Mashima