Author: Gabriel Persechino-Forest     Published: May 13th, 2018

Seirei-sama no Nangi na Nichijo Manga Launched

Cotoji just launched a new series which follows a fire spirit named Sara as she tries to steal something precious from a human but ends up living as a freeloader at her target’s home.

Source: Anime News Network


Momiji no Kisetsu Manga Announced

The new series by Masayoshi Satajo will debut on May 14. It centers on a young man wanting to be a professional shogi player.

Source: Manga Mag


Kimi wo Shinryaku Manga Announced

A new series by Kazusa Inaoka that will debut May 21 and will be a romantic comedy.

Source: Manga Mag


Aria the Scarlet Ammo Double A Ends

The Aria the Scarlet Ammo spin-off by Shogako Tachibana will end on May 18.

Source: Square Enix’s Young Gangan’s 10th issue


Shimanami Tasogare Manga Ends

Yuhki Kamatani’s manga will end on May 16 on its 23rd chapter.

Source: Manga Mag


Uchi no Daikazoku Manga Ends

Naoki Shigeno’s comedy manga will end on June 5.

Source: Futabasha’s Manga Town’s June issue