Author: Gabriel Persechino-Forest     Published: May 11th, 2018

Princess Principle Visual

The visual can be seen above and is a teaser for the upcoming project of the franchise: 6 films continuing where the TV series left off.

Source: Official Twitter


Fate/Stay Night Heaven’s Feel 2nd Movie Visual

Heaven's Feel 2 Poster

Source: Official Twitter


100 Sleeping Princes and the Kingdom of Dreams Character Visuals


100 Princes Character 1


100 Princes Character 3

Unnamed Lead Character

100 Princes Character 2

The anime is set to premiere this summer.

Source: Comic Natalie


Visual for New Yu Yu Hakusho OVA

Yu Yu Hakusho New OVA Visual

The OVA will adapt the manga’s seventh volume’s Two Shot bonus chapters as well as the penultimate All or Nothing chapter. The OVA will be made available in the 25th Anniversary’s fourth part of the BD set, which comes on October 26.

Source: Moca News