Author: Gabriel Persechino-Forest     Published: April 27th, 2018

Developments in Japan’s “War on Piracy”

Seems someone is finally fighting back. A Saitama lawyer is suing NTT Communications for blocking 3 websites accused on containing pirated content. Yuichi Nakazawa is making the case that NTT’s actions violate the Telecommunications’ Business Act and is therefore a violation of privacy of communication (Due in part to action implying that NTT is aware of what content its users access). Also, the argument is being made that site blocking is not part of NTT’s internet connection contract as it stands.

Article 3, Chapter 1 of the Telecommunications Business Act:

No communications being handled by a telecommunications carrier shall be censored…

Article 4 of the Telecommunications Business Act:

The secrecy of communications being handled by a telecommunications carrier shall not be violated.

Article 21 of the Constitution:

Freedom of assembly and association as well as speech, press and all other forms of expression are guaranteed. No censorship shall be maintained, nor shall the secrecy of any means of communication be violated.

Source: Mainichi Shimbun (Enlgish version) and Article Image: NTT Communications’ logo


#MeToo Again!

Journalists came out in mass to help support MeToo in Japan; coincidentally managing to bring it back to the forefront of social and political discourse after it had all but died. Once again, a political movement being pushed not by the people, but by professionals and figures of influence within the establishment (This time journalists) leaving most observers with more than a few doubts given how “questionable” news reporting and the establishment institution of the news has been in the last two decades on a global level.

The article also tries to imply that for some reason, woman are not able to do the same job as man within the profession of journalism, quoting a journalist saying that meeting sources can be dangerous for a woman (But not a man?) and that women have an “additional burden” when working within the industry. Again, I don’t believe women are any less competent or capable than men, which is why I feel the need to point out such statements when I see them; I feel they only help to damage the progress women have made over decades in proving, against many obstacles placed in their way, that they are just as competent and capable as men.

The quotes:

To get inside information, Japanese journalists often hold intimate conversations with their sources. This can lead to uncomfortable situations of a sexual nature that could evolve into misunderstandings and then sexual harassment, especially among women.

Also, emails don’t exist?

To be fair, the article does make mention of incidents having been reported and not acted upon by the companies themselves to “Protect their sources”. If true, then actions should indeed be taken but, as I mentioned before, we should all be weary of acting on any matter of this importance without first securing the evidence; that is justice after all.

On a more worrisome note, the government is indicating a willingness to act on this #MeToo issue. One should always be weary of government actions as they usually result in the stripping of basic rights under a guise of righteousness and social controversies such as these are breeding ground for such pretexts. We’re also talking about a government whose leadership once considered going back on its apologies over”Comfort women” (Sex slaves) that Japan had kidnapped and abused during WWII. And we’re supposed to believe they actually care about women’s well being? This is also coming from a political movement pushed by a country (The United-States) that allowed its military to use (Abuse) its own brand of “Comfort women” from South Korea after they had pretended to be outraged at the existence of such abuse after WWII; a war in which, US troops once again partook in raping “using” the “Comfort women” they were supposed to rescue.

Source: Japan Times


Comic LO Announcement

Akaneshinsha’s Comic LO announced an incoming “Important announcement” for May 21 and added “…as expected, this year seems to be the year of victory or defeat.” No other details are available but given the state of global censorship and the worrisome nature of this message, we should keep our eyes open in the days to come.

Source: Akaneshinsha’s Comic LO’s June issue


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