Author: Gabriel Persechino-Forest     Published: April 21st, 2018

Anime Herald and Anime Feminist Partnership

The self described “Leading voices in the field of anime news and editorial content” are entering a content sharing partnership by having the Herald syndicate its news on Anime Feminist’s website starting April 23. Their stated aim is to expand the range of feminist-friendly content available to anime fans.

Speaking on the partnership, Anime Herald editor-in-chief Samantha Ferreira said:

We’ve always operated on the idea that anime fans deserve to expect better from their publications, and the folks at AniFem embody that ideal in every part of their operations.

Anime Feminist’s editor-in-chief, Amelia Cook, also made a statement:

Anime Herald approaches news with the same feminist lens we apply to our editorial content, and their values are 100% in line with our own. Partnership was an easy decision, and the first step to making Anime Feminist a one stop shop for feminist fans of anime, manga, and other Japanese pop culture.

For those who are unaware, Anime Herald is website that pushes establishment, social justice propaganda and is most recently responsible for this wonderful piece that outright insulted large sections of the anime fanbase for simply not sharing their feminist viewpoints. They actually called fans who enjoy fanservice and/or incest-themed series “A disease” and “The worst part of our fandom”. Meanwhile, anime feminist is constantly pushing the anti-sex, politically correct, geek-shaming agenda that insists you either “Get with the progressive program” or you simply “Don’t respect women” all the while consistently nitpicking every detail of any anime series that isn’t tailor-made for the modern, fourth wave feminist doctrine. Examples of their views and how they express them can be seen through pretty much any of their articles (Website seems to be down for maintenance at the moment, visit their site a few days from now to see their content).

Source: Anime Herald (Link 1 and Link 2) / (Article image as well)


More Normalization

An article from The Pittnews continues efforts to normalize anime’s mainstream status but adds the twist of claiming that anime furthers the politically correct “Diversity” agenda. While there’s no doubt that anime does help break boundaries and preconceptions, one should be weary of the establishment media whenever they push their politically correct agenda; which has little to do with actual diversity and more to do with implementing a new code of social conduct and censorship. This article’s politically correct propaganda is evident when it starts tossing their favorite buzzwords “…watching anime makes us more likely to be racially and culturally aware.” The most notable aspect of the article though is the “threat” it issues at the end:

…it’s only a matter of time before studios make a good live-action anime adaptation, which will only further anime’s growth in the United States.

This isn’t just wishful thinking. The rocky state of live-action anime films is reminiscent of the first Marvel movies. While Marvel movies started out awful, disappointing even the hard-core geeks who were fans of the franchise, they worked their way up into commercial and critical success. The same thing can happen for live-action anime movies. It will be incredible to see what kinds of films producers can make based on anime series.

That is what they are aiming for right now, the anime equivalent of a Marvel movie that will make the medium irredeemably relevant to a mainstream crowd and justify the need to “Normalize” its content so it is no longer “Offensive” to a modern, socially “woke” public.

The article ends on the following note:

The passion for anime at last weekend’s Tekko 2018 convention proved it’s possible for anime to become mainstream and create a greater interest in foreign cultures.

Too bad they have no respect for foreign cultures. Whenever they speak of anime, the first thing they mention is everything that’s “Insensitive” and “Offensive” that needs to change for mainstream acceptance; pretty much disregarding the culture and artistic integrity of the medium. To them, appreciating foreign cultures is dressing up in foreign clothes while eating with chopsticks and they expect said culture to abide to the American-established “Global” standard of cultural and social behavior known as political correctness and the progressive agenda.


Meanwhile, the Observer continues to push in its own way the normalization of the medium by recommending series to mainstream audiences. Again, when the establishment starts massively encouraging people to do something, figure out why. It is seldom because they suddenly develop their inner-geek.


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