Author: Gabriel Persechino-Forest     Published: April 18th, 2018

How not to Summon a Demon Lord English Promo

English version of the Japanese promo released last month.

Source: Avex Pictures and Article Image: Taken from the promo


Peace Maker Kurogane Film Preview

The first movie comes out on June 2 in Japan. Shigeru Kimiya is acting as director for the film series while Eiji Umehara is handling the script. The preview features the theme song Rust by Jetzejohnson.

Source: Official Website


Drive Head the Movie: Tomika Hyper Rescue Mobile Emergency Police Teaser

The movie comes out in Japan on August 24.

Source: ドライブヘッド TV


Re:Zero English Dub Trailer

Source: Funimation


Idolm@ster SideM Unaired Episode Visual

Idolmaster SideM Special Visual

A special episode, titled Passion of the Passion, will be released with the 7th volume of the BD and DVD release of The Idolm@ster SideM series on June 27.

Source: Twitter