Author: Gabriel Persechino-Forest     Published: April 16th, 2018

King of Fighters XIV Blue Mary Character trailer

Source: Playstation and Article Image: Taken from the trailer


Lucky Star Joins Re:Stage Prism Step Game

Lucky Prism Pic

The girls of Lucky Star are set to join the idols of Takao Middle School and perform music from the series (Players will be able to play the Lucky Star girls).

Source: Anime! Anime!


Yotsunoha Licensed

Sol Pressed licensed the visual novel and will release an English-only version of the game on July 27.

Source: Sol Press (Link 1 and Link 2)


Kingdom Hearts III Possible Release Date?

Target listed the game as having a November 1 release date for pre-orders but soon after the listing was changed for a December 31 release date.

Source: VG 24/7 and Esuteru


New Idol Group and Game

A new idol group called Grand Chariot has just been unveiled and one of their song will be featured as a theme song for the smartphone game Starlight Connect.

Source: FTL Entertainment and Future Tech Lab