Author: Gabriel Persechino-Forest     Published: April 13th, 2018

Danmachi: Memoria Freese Censorship

After it was reported by many outlets including yours truly Sakura Anime News, One Angry Gamer and others, Crunchyroll deleted the video of the trailer from their YouTube account that had advertised features in the game as available only to be censored in the actual release. So far it appears they have no intention of undoing the blatant censorship although fan anger and potential reports to the Federal Trade Commission seem to have had a noticeable impact considering their decision to delete the video.

On the topic of the censored content, Crunchyroll responded this:

Originally posted by Crunchyroll

We’re sorry for any miscommunication around the DanMemo release. This was a unique decision specifically for the game made amongst partners with audience and distribution considerations in mind.

Well, doesn’t that solve everything.

On the matter of the trailer deletion itself, Crunchyroll had this to say:

Originally posted by Crunchyroll

We wanted to make sure there was no further confusion. We’re sorry for any miscommunication around the DanMemo release.


For those interested (And to provide evidence of the original trailer’s advertising), here is a screen capture of the trailer in question (Before it was brought down) provided by One Angry Gamer:

Original Crunchyroll Trailer Proof Pic

A new repost of the trailer by Azarioplays allows those interested to see exactly what was being advertised by Crunchyroll vs. what we actually got once the game was released (They removed the touching/head-patting feature advertised at the 1:40 min. mark):

Also, a video from Scratch Point talking about the topic:



gamergate Development

As someone who focuses specifically on Japanese entertainment and art, I never expected to be talking about gamergate. But I am making this announcement as a public service to make sure video game fans and geeks of various mediums do not get fooled by a scam currently going. The new hashtag #GamerGateHD has recently been created with the explicit goal of “Getting women out of gaming and back in the kitchen”, arguing that women do not belong in video games. This is suspected by many to be a troll/false flag operation to smear the gamergate name and it is advised that everyone should stay away from it and expose the scum if they show their faces outside their Twitter hole.

Many suspect a false flag because during gamergate people had been bribed to act like trolls and harass women to make gamergate look bad, not to mention that many individuals suspected and reported at the time that accounts were being created by trolls (Not saying on who’s payroll) to harass women specifically to make gamergaters look like sexist monsters. Also, all of the accounts on the new #GamerGateHD have suspiciously stereotypical alt-right names and were, for the most part, created within the last few months. Not to mention how odd it is that with the new rules in place, Twitter has yet to ban them.

One Angry Gamer and Kotaku in Action have already warned about the deception.

Last time gamergate started it was due to corrupt journalist being exposed and the media establishment responding by attacking all gamers. By all indication it seems this might once again be damage control after game journalists were caught openly threatening to abuse their power in another fit of authoritarian behavior control. People should brace for a potential media backlash as it may be that even after all these years, the establishment media still has gamergate as its prime target.


Source: Article Image: Taken from Scratch Point‘s video


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