Author: Gabriel Persechino-Forest     Published: March 2nd, 2018

Teaser + Trailer for New Pokémon Movie

Pokémon the Movie: Everyone’s Story, the next film in the franchise, has a trailer and a teaser:

Source: Comic Natalie and Article Image: Taken from the trailer


Magical Girl Site Promo

The promo features the theme song Changing Point by i☆Ris. The series is set for an April 6 premiere.

Source: Official Website


PriPara/Pretty Rhythm Crossover Film Teaser

The Gekijōban PriPara & Kiratto Pri☆Chan ~Kira Kira Memorial Live~ movie has a teaser ready:

Source: Avex Pictures


Devils’ Line Promo

The anime is set for an April 7 release. The promo features the theme song Eclipse by Shouta Aoi.

Source: Animate Times


New Maquia Trailer

The trailer features the ending theme song Viator by rionos.

Source: Twitter


Gundam Build Divers Promo

The anime is set to premiere on April 3 with a “worldwide release” in spring.

Source: Gundam Info


Uma Musume: Pretty Derby Teaser

Source: Toho Animation