Author: Gabriel Persechino-Forest     Published: February 25th, 2018

New promos have been revealed highlighting the recently introduced idol teams:

L’Antica Promo

Illumination Stars Promo

Game Promo


Information on a new idol team for the game also emerged in the form of Alstroemeria comprised of:

Amano Osaki (Played by Honoka Kuroki)

Alstro 1

A second-year high school student and the younger of the Ōsaki twins. She is a gyaru who treats everyone fairly. She always has her mind on the present, and is eager to do what can only be done now.

Tenka Osaki (Played by Ryoko Maekawa)

Alstro 2

A second-year high school student and the older of the Ōsaki twins. She has been looking out for Amano since they were little. She is not good at socializing, and tends to embrace indoor hobbies, such as playing games and watching anime.

Chiyuki Kuwayama (Played by Noriko Shibasaki)

Alstro 3

A 23-year-old woman with a memorable smile, and is often considered the older sister of the idols in the agency. Her maternal demeanor is one of her strongest charm points. She has a hobby of creating small accessories and trinkets.


Source: 876TVAnime News Network and Article Image: Taken from the trailer