Author: Gabriel Persechino-Forest     Published: February 20th, 2018

Oshie to Tabi Suru Otoko Gets Anime

Ranpo Edogawa’s novel is getting an anime adaptation:

Source: Nijimen


Vampire Hunter D to Play on UK TV

Viceland plans to play Vampire Hunted D: Bloodlust on March 6th.

Source: Anime UK News


Quiz Tokiko-san and More Anime Announced

Kachidoki Studio is producing anime series for Production I.G’s Tate Anime app. These include Quiz Tokiko-san, Kekkeroke, Neko Konogoro and Neko no Rob.

Source: Anime Hack


Today we have quite a bit of trivia, so leaving behind the more serious news of the day lets gets to the fun part:

Fate/Grand Order as Classic Japanese Art

Odaiba Beach Park will host an art show featuring classical works based on Fate/Grand Order and a show featuring a 40-meter wide water slide projection event where the series’ version of Hokusai will appear to recreate the artworks of the original master on water.

Fate Grand Order Classic Art

Source: Hokusai & Tokyo


Mangaka Have Fun with Each Other’s Works

Masashi Kishimoto decided to try and draw Blade of the Immortal while Hiroaki Samura tried his hand at Naruto:

Kishimoto’s Blade of the Immortal

Naruto Immortal

Samura’s Naruto

Immortal Naruto

Source: Minovsky Article


Danganronpa Actress Cosplays her Character

Sayaka Kanda played Junko Enoshima in the franchise’s musical revivals (2016 – 2017) and now she has decided to cosplay the character:

Junko Cosplay Sayaka

Source: Otakomu