Author: Gabriel Persechino-Forest     Published: February 17th, 2018

A new look at the “western” DLC of The Idolm@ster: Stellar Stage:


New characters revealed for The Idolm@ster: Shiny Colors in the form of the L’Antica idol group:

Mamimi Tanaka (Played by Chisa Suganuma):

Idol Chisa

A listless third-year high school student with a punk attitude. She hates being asked to do something. While she has beautiful looks, she is indifferent to anything outside her own interests.


Kiriko Yukoku (Played by Mizuki Yuina):

Idol Mizuki

A silver-haired second-year high school student who has a mysterious air about her. Her ethereal atmosphere and her bandaged arms are her trademark. Although she speaks in few words, she has a kind-hearted personality.


Kogane Tsukioka (Played by Karin Isobe):

Idol Karin

A 19-year-old woman brimming with confidence and positive attitude. She has a cute figure that attracts attention, but her clumsiness also often makes her stumble and fall when dancing.


Yuika Mitsumune (Played by Narumi Runa):

Idol Narumi

A free-spirited college freshman who is into many obscure subjects. She is pretty, goes with the flow, and immediately sociable even to people she has just met.


Sakuya Shirase (Played by Anna Yamaki):

Idol Anna

A third-year high school student who goes to an all-girls school. She is generally good at sports, is an honors student, and has a model-like figure. She is popular with girls due to how she carries herself like a prince.


New members of the Illumination Stars group have been announced as well:

Mano Sakuragi (Played by Hitomi Sekine):

Idol Hitomi

A kind-hearted girl who makes people happy just by being around her.


Hiori Kazano (Played by Reina Kondo):

Idol Reina

A cool beauty with a stoic personality.


Meguru Hachimiya (Played by Mayu Mineta):

Idol Mayu

A naive, friendly girl with a Japanese father and American mother.


Source: 876TV’s YouTube Channel, Anime News Network and Article Image: Taken from the trailer