Author: Gabriel Persechino-Forest     Published: February 18th, 2018

Mahiro Kisaragi paid Twitter good money to advertise the second volume of his Yamamoto Isoko no Ketsudan novel but it was soon censored for “Advertising adult content or services” in spite of not containing any nudity or overt sexual references and the novel itself even being designated as all ages by its publisher, Kadokawa. To add insult to injury, Twitter has already collected payment for services not rendered. For those wondering, the offending article can be seen here:

Banned Light Novel Cover

So it now appears that the only way to not “Advertise adult content” on Twitter is to adhere to standards that would make the Dark Ages Catholic Church and Sharia Law look progressive. The good news is that Twitter’s fiasco allowed the light novel to break into Amazon’s top 10 list for light novels so I guess censorship loses this one.


Source: Esuteru and Yamamoto Isoko no Ketsudan volume 2 cover